Fans in DC are paying more than double than their Cincinnati friends to see an NFL game live

Redskins fans have it rough. Putting aside a controversial team name and more losses than wins in the last five seasons, they’re also paying nearly $100 an hour just to attend a home game.

That’s more than any other football fan, according to The personal finance site surveyed every NFL stadium in the country to see how much it would cost two people to go to a football game — including the price of tickets, snacks, and parking.

In fact, a Washington Redskins game is more than double what it costs to see the Cincinnati Bengals — the least-expensive stadium in the league, even though they’ve hosted a decent team in recent years. In Cincinnati, it’s less than $40 a ticket to see the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium, while parking is $22. Beer, sodas and snacks run less than $6 each.

The Bengals, who were first in the AFC North two out of the last five years and went to the playoffs each of those years, may very well have the best bang for your buck when it comes to seeing a live NFL game. See for yourself…

New stadiums, higher prices?

The Minnesota Vikings opened their nearly $1 billion stadium this year, the new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Yet they actually charge some of the lowest prices in the NFL. It’ll cost fans $63 and only $15 for parking. Sodas and hot dogs are $3 each, totaling almost $168 for two to go to a game.

While it’s cheap in Minnesota’s brand new stadium, San Francisco fans are paying $100 more at Levi’s Stadium, which opened last year. For more than $270, 49ers fans are paying the second-highest rate to go to a game: $94 a ticket, plus $40 in parking. They also charge the second-highest in the league for beer, at $10 for 16 oz.

The New York Giants and Jets share 5-year-old MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, but ticket prices are drastically different. Jets fans can expect to pay around $194 for a trip, while Giants fans will shell out almost $250 for the day. The Giants, however, won the Super Bowl in 2011, while the Jets haven’t been to the playoffs in six years. For some reason, it also costs more to park at a Giants game than a Jets game, even though beer, sodas, and hot dogs are all the same.

AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, opened in 2009 and set a record for NFL game attendance with more than 105,000 people. But seeing America’s team comes at a price: $268 — the third-highest in the NFL. A lot of that is parking, at an outrageous $75 — the most expensive across the nation.

Some Super Bowl winners are costly to watch

Super Bowl 50 was only in February, when the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers. But Denver fans are paying less than $200 to watch their champions take the field. Panthers fans don’t have it bad, either: it’s only $55 a ticket at Bank of America Stadium.

Meanwhile, the New England Patriots won the championship three times in the last two decades and fans are totally cool with paying $250 to see their team live at Gillette Stadium. While tickets can get pricey at $90 each, parking is just slightly above average at $40, and hot dogs and sodas are pretty cheap.

The 2014 Super Bowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks, aren’t too far away from the Patriots. Fans can expect to pay more than average for their team, $78 per ticket and $50 for parking (the third-highest in the country). Drinks and snacks are on the lower end, however, under $5 each.

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