Creating leftovers is a great way to save money, and now it's a great way to earn some, too.

The facts

It’s estimated that over $2.3 billion will be spent on Thanksgiving food in the U.S. And 51 million birds will be eaten — that adds up to 736 million pounds of turkey meat consumed.

Of course, a lot of that meat is left over from the traditional meal. That’s when the wonderful mash(ed)-ups come into play: turkey tetrazzini, Southwest turkey soup, turkey a la King, and of course the old standby — turkey sandwiches.

The contest

Everyone loves Thanksgiving leftovers, at least those of us that love feasting on Meleagris gallopavo. All we want you to do is share your creative leftover recipes. Don’t send us a turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich. That won’t cut it.

Be specific — send us the recipe and the cool ways you prepare the meal. Photos would be awesome. We want your secrets, even if your aunt guards them with her life.

The rules

Post your fabulous Thanksgiving leftover recipes on our Facebook page or in the comments section below. We’ll feature the best idea next week. The deadline to enter is on 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, December 7.

The prize

A $50 Amazon gift card.

Last week’s winner

Last week we asked for your creative college savings tips, and our favorite was from Hanna G…

Try to find jobs you can do related to what you’re majoring in, while you’re still in school. You can make money to pay tuition, and have fun learning what your career is all about outside of the class room. While I was in college I was a go-go dancer, and I also landed every role I could in movies & tv shows as an extra. I went to school for acting, so doing both of these things were fitting. Living in NY city they both paid well, and helped me a lot with tuition & books. It was nice doing what I loved while making money to pay for school!

You go-go, girl — enjoy the gift card.

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