Sure, you just watch it for the commercials. But the Super Bowl has some pretty fascinating money stats, too.

A sterling silver trophy, $14 cups of Bud Light, and $4-million commercials. You knew the Super Bowl was a money-maker, but did you know how much the losing quarterback makes per game, or how much a 50-yard ticket costs? Here are 10 surprising numbers about the biggest sports event in America…

The Money of Super Bowl XLIX -

1. $10.8 billion (MLXXX)

The amount that Americans spent on beer during Super Bowl weekend 2013. That resulted in 1.4 billion trips to the bathroom and took more than 2 billion gallons of water to flush.


2. $2.91 billion (MMCMX)

The projected amount Americans will spend on new TVs in advance of the Super Bowl. TVs sold in 2015 will have an estimated average size of 40 inches, and the most popular TV on Amazon larger than that right now is a $388, 42-inch LG.  Take that and multiply by the estimated 7.5 million households who bought new TVs for the 2013 Super Bowl.

Source: National Retail Federation, DigiTimes, Amazon

3. $216 million (CCXVM)

Projected amount that will be spent on chicken wings eaten for the Super Bowl. Restaurants are currently paying as high as $2.16 per pound, and the National Chicken Council estimates that 100 million pounds of chicken wings will be consumed on Super Bowl weekend.

Sources: National Chicken Council Full-Service Restaurants Magazine

4. $100 million (C)

The average amount gambled on the Super Bowl, America’s most gambled-on sports event. And that’s not counting illegal betting, which is estimated to total $380 billion annually, according to the National Gambling Impact Study Commission.

Source: Bankrate

5. $4.5 million (MMMMD)

Cost of a 30-second commercial to be shown during the Super Bowl in 2015. And this year, they’ll be featuring a lot of puppies.

Source: Variety Magazine

6. $2.5 million (MMD)

The estimated amount that Americans will spend on avocados in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. They’ll consume 240 million avocados, and at an average $1.05 apiece, that’s quite a haul for the guacamole industry.

Sources: Hass Avocado Board,

7. $97,000 and $49,000 (XCVMM and XLIX)

The amount that each player of the winning team and losing team, respectively, will earn for being in Super Bowl XLIX. Even if they suffer an injury and don’t play.

Source: National Football Post

8. $30,000 (XXX)

The estimated cost of the Super Bowl XLIV championship ring given to each member of the New Orleans Saints team. Each team’s ring varies, but as a whole the NFL only allocates $5,000 per ring to be spent. The team, or the jeweler, eats the rest of the cost.

Source: StyleCaster

9. $861.50 (DCCCLXI S)

Average cost of a ticket to the 2015 Super Bowl. Of course, most of these are not available to the public — not that most people could afford a $10,000 seat on the 50-yard line anyway.

Source: Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority, via The Arizona Republic

10. 0

The amount that Super Bowl halftime show performers receive from the NFL, although travel costs are covered. This year, in fact, the league asked its finalists for the show to consider paying to play.

Source: CBS Sports

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