Are you penne wise but pound foolish? We'll pay you to noodle around.

October is National Pasta Month. Who says? Why, the National Pasta Association, of course.

For one North Dakota man, September was pasta month, too. He goes by the name Vino, and he’s documenting his seven-week adventure of eating every pasta combination on the Olive Garden menu. He calls his blog All of Garden.

In 49 days, he plans to eat 150 pasta dishes. He motivation is simple: He was lucky enough to win one of Olive Garden’s 1,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes. And he’s making the utmost of it.

Pasta has long been the frugal meal of choice for starving college students, harried parents, and amateur athletes. During this very special month that no one knows about, we want to hear your tales of gluten gluttony…

Share with us your most excessive pasta story, or even your favorite cheap or weird pasta recipe, and you can win a FREE three-month subscription to the Pasta of the Month Club.

Deadline to submit is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 12.

Last week’s winner

Last week, we asked for your biggest phone fail. Our favorite came from Britney C., who wrote…

I was sitting down on the floor, looking at my iPhone, and sorting through my dirty clothes. I scooped up everything on the floor, including my phone, and stuck it all in the washing machine. About 10 minutes later I start looking for my phone, couldn’t find it. By the time I realized what I must’ve done, it was too late. The screen was already cracked because of the spin cycle, and there was no amount of rice that could fix how much water was in that phone.

I had to use a cheap pre-paid phone for awhile after that, and needless to say, I keep my phone away from piles of laundry now.

If it makes you feel any better, Britney, we wrote about a company that says rice doesn’t work anyway. But if not, we’re pretty sure a $50 Amazon gift card will help. Enjoy!

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