The most shocking stat has to be the one about coupons and first dates. Right?

Lots of interesting research about money and work gets released each week, but no one ever sees it. Here’s this week’s overlooked but interesting financial facts, by the numbers…

84 percent

Americans who despise airline fees so much they agree with this statement: “Airlines are nickel-and-diming passengers.” While it’s surprising that number isn’t higher — after all, who enjoys paying for checked luggage and meals, among other things? — the real shock is that it’s not just financial. The Findlaw survey of 1,000 passengers also reveals 53 percent are just so damned annoyed, “they’d rather pay a higher ticket price if it meant they didn’t have to pay any fees.”

72 percent

Retirees today who “are completely retired from working,” according to Northwestern Mutual’s 2014 Planning and Progress Study released Tuesday. Of those, 60 percent say “they’re happier now than they were when they were working.” Obviously, the next generation of retirees ain’t gonna have it so good. “Only 37 percent of working adults expect they will be happier in retirement than they are now,” Northwestern Mutual says.

67 percent

Workers who report “feeling more productive after returning from vacation,” according to more than 2,200 Americans  who took part in something called the Employee Engagement Study. While not necessarily a surprising number, this was: 26 percent “feel guilty using all of their allotted vacation time.” Oh, and 42 percent “feel obligated to check in with work while on vacation.” So much for the stereotype of fat and lazy Americans. Well, fat might still be true.

46 percent

Adults who “think it is fine to use a coupon on the first date,” according to a Harris poll released Wednesday.  More shocking, “Both men (86 percent) and women (88 percent) overwhelmingly agree that using a coupon is acceptable dating etiquette.” The survey didn’t ask if these coupon-daters, you know, closed the deal.

28.3 percent

Cars on the road that were made before 2001. That’s a lot of old automobiles — the most driving around in six years, according to Experian research released Thursday. The top models still chugging along from the year 200: Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford Ranger, and Honda Civic.

16 percent

Bank customers who don’t use their computers or phone to do at least some of their banking. A survey of more than 3,000 customers shows 84 percent “manage their account information using their home computers or mobile devices.” Basically, that’s everyone but your grandma.


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