This week: holiday office parties to holiday sex in the spare room.

68 percent

Americans who agree with this statement: “Having out-of-town guests or family stay at a hotel would actually make the holidays easier.” The survey from Priceline reveals one reason for this sentiment: “49 percent of Americans have gotten intimate with their significant other while having guests in their own house or visiting relatives.”

20 percent

Americans who “think they’ll be paying one or more of their regular monthly bills — such as a utility or mortgage payment — late due to holiday expenditures,” according to SunTrust. Why? Because “nearly 40 percent of Americans feel pressured to spend more than they can afford during the holidays.” Pressured by who? The survey didn’t ask.


Average number of gifts American adults are expected to buy this holiday season, down from 23.1 in 2007, according to audit firm Deloitte. These frugal times also explain this: “74 percent of shoppers say they will be influenced by coupons.”

13 percent

Holiday shoppers “who do not have a pet but still plan to purchase toys for one this season,” according to polling firm Harris Interactive. 52 percent of pet owners are “planning to purchase toys, treats or other products as gifts for a pet this year.” Combined with the number two entries above, it seems silly to miss a mortgage payment to buy a pet a present — especially if it isn’t yours. But what do I know.

10 percent

Coworkers who “dress inappropriately” at office holiday parties, according a poll of other employees by temp firm OfficeTeam. Why these parties still exist is a mystery, especially when the same poll revealed 73 percent of employees don’t like office holiday parties.

9 percent

Americans who have”a supply of back-up gifts” to pull from this holiday season, instead of shopping for specific people. Contrarily, the survey from web start-up Rivet says, “1 percent will spend more than six months researching holiday gifts they plan to buy this year.” Then again, “12 percent will spend less than one day.”

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