Tell us how you plan to become more financially fit this New Year.

The Facts

According to the Financial Well-being Index by the Principal Financial Group, 46 percent of American workers surveyed “consider themselves financially healthy.” The workers also seem less stressed about money issues. Maybe that’s why “35 percent (up from 28 percent last year) said they do not plan on making a financial resolution for 2015.”

But many Americans have other plans when it comes to money saving resolutions.

The Contest

We want you to give us your New Year’s Resolution plans — and how you’ll pull them off. In return we’re providing you with tips on how to keep your resolutions alive throughout 2015. After all, saving money or paying down debt is a great way to celebrate the new year.

The Rules

The resolution has to be financially-related — no diet or kicking the nicotine habit resolutions, although they sound good too. Just not for this contest. Let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments section below. We’ll feature the best idea on the subject next week. The deadline to enter is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 4.

The Prize

A $50 Amazon gift card.

Last Week’s Winner

Last week we asked for the craziest thing you’ve done to save money, and you guys did not disappoint. It was hard to pick a winner out of more than two dozen entries, but our favorite was from Natalie Y…

I used to use one square of toilet paper each time I went to the bathroom. But that was years ago….I also used to only shampoo my hair every 4 days to save on shampoo

Congrats, Natalie — hope the gift card helps you start this year off right. Glad to hear your days of single-square wiping are behind you.

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Brian Bienkowski


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