Almost half of cable subscribers feel it isn’t worth the money.

The only thing better than binge watching our favorite shows is doing it for cheap.

At least that’s what one personal finance and insurance company, Country Financial says in a weird survey about the value we get from subscription services.

Their research was based on users with and without the subscription and whether they feel it is worth paying for.

The responses of video streaming subscribers seem to be mostly satisfied, while almost all cable subscriptions numbers are telling us it may not be worth the money.

Almost half of respondents — who have the subscription or are happy with it — feel cable/satellite TV is not worth the costs. Whereas, respondents on streaming subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu almost all find it to be worth the monthly payment.

How the research breaks down

For video streaming subscriptions…

  • 95 percent say it’s worth it
  • 5 percent say it’s not
  • 36 percent actually have a subscription

For cable / satellite TV service…

  • 64 percent say it’s worth it
  • 31 percent say it’s not
  • 65 percent actually have service

What other subscriptions aren’t worth it?

The survey didn’t stop at monthly televisions and video plans. They also took account of other monthly subscriptions like gym memberships, music streaming, beauty boxes, meal subscriptions and premium memberships like Amazon or Costco.

Almost a third of the respondents say meal subscriptions like Blue Apron and Plated aren’t worth it…

  • 69 percent say it’s worth the cost
  • 31 percent say it isn’t
  • Only 2 percent actually have the subscription

But take that with a grain of salt, since most people have never tried one!

Meanwhile, almost everyone agrees there are some good shopping subscriptions. Amazon Prime and Costco had the highest amount of subscribers that were pleased with the monthly service…

  • 95 percent say it’s worth the costs
  • 5 percent say it isn’t
  • 32 percent actually have the subscription

So instead of buying a food subscription, maybe give Amazon Prime and Amazon Pantry a shot.

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