A look at recent polling data reveals we're fat, lazy, and self-centered. But at least we're amusing about it.

unflattering statsLast week’s big news in polling was from the reputable research firm Harris Interactive: President Obama Has Highest Job Ratings in Nearly a Year.


I was more intrigued by a Sotheby’s poll the very next day that asked rich people around the world about their dream houses…

“Wealthy Brits particularly value homes with historic significance. Chinese wish for space to display their art collections, and Brazilians harbor a desire for a ‘smart’ home.”

Wealthy Americans? Not nearly as cultured or tech-oriented.  They want to live “on the waterfront with a multi-car collector’s garage, which they designed themselves.”

If that doesn’t doom us as a nation, any of these polls reveal unflattering stats that surely will…

unflattering stats

Shy about thighs

“1 in 3 Americans admit they have not worn a swimsuit in public in more than 5 years — if ever,” says another Harris poll, this one paid for by Nutrisystem (which makes sense, since this is marketing gold).

The breakdown of more than 2,000 adult women:

  • 32 percent “have not worn a swimsuit in public in more than five years.”
  • 20 percent “admitted to having not worn a swimsuit in 10 years or more.”
  • 5 percent “admitted to having never worn a swimsuit.”

unflattering stats

Sore about chores

An Ipsos poll of more than 4,600 Americans reveals 35 percent “have to nag those they live with to help with the household chores.” In response, “17 percent have pretended not to hear when asked to do chores.”

Oh, and 16 percent say “in their household, they always battle for possession of the TV remote.”

unflattering stats

Bad about dads

“Nearly a third of American dads (32 percent) confess they’ve had family members who have completely forgotten about them on Father’s Day,” says a poll of 1,200 U.S. dads conducted, for some reason, by Harley Davidson.

Even worse, when they weren’t forgotten, “57 percent of fathers” confessed to receiving a Father’s Day gift they did not like.” Ungrateful? Not hardly when those gifts included “a tie with Santa Clauses on it, “a painted rock,” and, “my 45-year-old unemployed daughter moving in.”

Even worse, “More than half of the dads also confirmed they’ve received the same type of Father’s Day gift more than once.”

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