There are a select few jobs where women are out-earning men

What jobs should women work to make more than men? The jobs where there are more women.

According to a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make less money than their male counterparts in most jobs, but not all. Women sewing machine operators make about $45 more a week than men in the same job.

Annually, that’s $2,340 extra that ladies are making over men for operating sewing machines. Women fast food workers make more than their male counterparts, too, more than $1,000 a year. Female teaching assistants make $1,248 extra a year than men. Women counselors make an extra $780 a year over men in the same position.

There are jobs where women earn more than men, but they are jobs that traditionally earn less than others, and are traditionally held by women: sewing, teaching, cooking, and emotionally helping others.

But should women stick to “lady” jobs? I don’t think so.

For my job, a writer, the BLS says I make an average of $983 a week — this is very high and not correct but good to know that kind of salary exists for writers! Maybe it includes bestsellers. Unfortunately, there is no data for male writers, so it’s impossible to say if I earn more than a man in the same position.

But if you go one step above mine, to editors, ladies make an average of $1,035 a week! But men make $77 more a week then women do — $1,112. That’s a difference of $4,004 a year. That makes a huge difference on the car I’m driving, the bills I’m paying, the house I live in, and even my credit score.

Women spreading into non-traditional women-held jobs means that they won’t make the same immediately, but it does mean they can push for equal pay in those fields that don’t have as many women. Ladies can change the workplace landscape and the equal pay landscape by moving into roles that men have carried for longer.

But infiltrating workplaces that are dominated by men and just expecting equal pay is going to take a while. Depending on the field (and the color of their skin), women won’t see equal pay for a couple decades at the earliest. True equal pay won’t come for a couple of centuries.

The BLS reports that the widest pay gap is among financial advisors: women make almost half of what their male equals do. This isn’t entirely new — we reported this in April. But there are also half as many women working in the field. Women need to continue to push into positions where there are less of them, not more.

It will help in so many ways: equal pay means women don’t have to work longer in their lives than men do just to get the same benefits. It means they don’t have to retire later in life (or not at all) because they can’t afford to not work in retirement. It means when they do retire, they can ask for help in determining the best ways to handle their finances in their golden years.

The pay gap among different genders isn’t new, and it isn’t going away tomorrow, but women can still work toward equality today.

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