Some research studies are important. Others are silly. Let's look at the latter.

Every Friday, sums up the week’s funniest/dumbest news stories about money. We call them Funny Money stories But at the end of each month, we get academic. We cite research studies that are supposedly serious but we find unintentionally hilarious: Funny Money surveys. Check these out…

1. An Olympic-sized Pepsi moment

Coca-Cola spent millions to become one of the top sponsors of the Winter Olympics, but at the beginning of February, only 29 percent of Americans could “correctly identify the brand as an official sponsor,” according to a YouGov survey. Even worse for Coke: “Nearly 3 out of 10 (27 percent) of those interested in the sporting event thought that Pepsi was an official sponsor.” Even Pepsi wasn’t.

2. Be my study buddy

27 percent of college students “have enrolled in a class because they thought they might get a date out of it,” according to something called the Student Psyche Report. Sadly, the report didn’t ask if they actually got the date.

3. My money and my lawn, but not my beverage

“More than one-quarter (28 percent) of U.S. adults say they ‘fear the look’ of green juice,” says a survey commissioned by Jambajuice, which can’t be good news for the company’s stock price.

4. You must be healthy, you smell like salmon

As part of its Love Your Heart campaign, the Cleveland Clinic polled more than 1,000 adults and found 55 percent believe a daily dose of fish oil can prevent heart disease. “The truth is that one would have to consume enough fish oil to literally smell like fish for it to have any beneficial effect,” the Cleveland Clinic said. We see a new fish-oil marketing slogan: “Live Longer Alone.”

5. Newspapers: Dead but read

35 percent of Americans ignore newspaper ads. Sounds bad, right? Except, “82 percent of Americans ignore online ads, ahead of television ads at 37 percent,” says a Swedish web-tech company called Goo.

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