Americans prefer financial stability over looks and fitness in romantic partners.

Beauty is only skin deep – especially if you’re broke.

SunTrust had The Harris Poll conduct an online survey on what Americans find important in a partner. More people answered financial security than looks or physical fitness.

The survey found that 41 percent of Americans look for financial stability, behind personal values (78 percent) and personality (73 percent).

Why do people find money to be so important in the relationship? One SunTrust Bank financial well-being executive has a few reasons.

“People identify financial stability as an important trait because they know money – and how one manages it – impacts a relationship,” Brian Ford said. “People often enter relationships with different monetary goals and views. For example, one may want to save money for retirement and can’t understand why a partner is more focused on short-term experiences.”

SunTrust recommends asking your partner four questions to better understand how they view money management…

  • What are your most important goals?
  • How does your past influence your spending and savings habits?
  • Would you share your plans before making a big-ticket purchase?
  • What is your debt philosophy?

Here are 11 key things to discuss before marriage. If you don’t, money is probably why your marriage will fail.

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