It's back-to-school shopping time. Find an outrageous backpack and we might buy it for you.

A backpack doesn’t just hold your stuff. It’s an extension of your personality.

But what if your personality is a bit extreme?

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking to score some points with your kid, we’ve found five backpacks that will definitely impress.

Bonus: They’re all under $100, so you have extra cash to buy what goes inside…

1. For the cat lover

Vans x ASPCA realm cats backpack
It’s covered in pictures of your favorite feline, made by Vans, and partial proceeds benefit ASPCA. So you can feel like you’re doing something good.
Price: $35
This unique backpack by Vans benefits the ASPCA.

2. For the cat hater

Riot Society Paws Backpack
A tribute to the mean alley cat who terrorizes your Labrador Retriever. That kitty might as well be a shark.
Price: $40.9

This parody of Jaws features a cat printed on a unique backpack.

3. For the Star Wars fan

Yoda Plus Backpack
Because we all wish we could give a Jedi Master a piggyback ride.
Price: $38.99
With this unique backpack you can give Star Wars character Yoda a piggy back ride

4. For the portable gamer

TravelBoy Backpack
We know that Game Boy is still stuffed in a sock drawer somewhere. But how cool would it be to pull it out of your Pocket Boy?
Price: $39.99
This unique backpack parodies a Game Boy console.

5. For the Ninja Turtle in training

TMNT Backpack with colored mask
The movie just came out, so stuff this shell with pizza and all the TMNT toys we wrote about in our last contest.
Price: $28.00
This unique backpack is made to look like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shell.

Can you find more extreme backpacks?

If you’re shopping for a backpack that sets you apart, bookmark it. Then tell us about it. If we like yours the best, we’ll buy it for you.

Here’s how to win our backpack contest 7378434-english-bulldog-wearing-striped-shirt-and-back-pack-sitting-with-reflection-on-white-background

1. Search online or in stores for your favorite backpack.

2.  Get a photo of it, tell us where it’s from, how much it costs under $100, and why you like it.

3. Comment on our Facebook post with your photo and information.

Submissions close 11:59 p.m. August 24. Good luck!

Last week’s winner

In honor of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, we held a 2-week contest where we asked for you to post the best TMNT toy you could find for $100. We told readers that if we liked their submission the best, we’d buy the toy for them.

It was impossible to pick just one winner from the impressive 43 entries we received, so we didn’t. We picked two. Says Brittany J. Robertson:


I LOVE the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles! I literally have the Original Movie, (which the cover happens to be my lock screen) as well as a few others, I have the original ninja turtles episodes theme song as my ringtone, I also have a disc which has a bunch of the original episodes on it.

Sadly, I don’t have any ninja turtle toys or anything like that, so It would be great if I could get this Leonardo Build-a-bear for me to cuddle with! The price all together is $42.14 PLEASE would you get me this turtletastic toy!

And here’s Wesley Hampton:

spaceraphMy wife and I are huge space fans, and celebrate its exploration in all its forms, we even have a space-themed library/guest room. We are also huge TMNT fans, so these Apollo 11 anniversary figures are the perfect melding of the two for us. I’ve been aware of these for years, but never seemed to have the extra money to buy them for our collection of awesome space things.

They’re out of print, but not extremely rare. They are available through personal Amazon stores and specialty toy sites on occasion, but the best deals I’ve found, for single figures or sets, has been through ebay stores.”

We’re splitting the prize so you can both get what you want. Hope you enjoy and send us photos when you get them. Thanks to all the fans for sharing their awesome finds.

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