Some hotels don’t quite get you with room cost, but with expensive room service. Find out where to travel for cheap hotels and cheap room service.

You thought you got a great deal on that hotel room, until you ordered room service and paid $15 for a club sandwich and $6 for a bottle of water. You’re not alone.

Forty percent of travelers used room service last year, according to TripAdvisor. Last week, the travel site released its second annual study of room service prices and found the average cost has risen $3 from last year —  to $55.

How did they come up with that number? TripAdvisor calculated the cost of a room service  sandwich, water, peanuts, vodka, and dry cleaning at more than 100 four-star hotels. Here are the five cities where room service is most expensive…

  1. Las Vegas, Nev. – $68
  2. New York City, N.Y. -$67
  3. Washington D.C. – $62
  4. Los Angeles, Calif. – $61
  5. Honolulu, Hawaii – $60

Not surprisingly, these are all also on the list of 10 most expensive cities for lodging and meals, according to the LA Times. The daily cost of hotel and meals in one of these cities ranges from $337 to $673.

If you’re looking for cheaper ways to get your food while on vacation, you can save a few bucks with these tips, although none are as convenient as sitting on your bed and having someone wheel it in for you…

There’s an app for that

If you download coupon apps like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Yelp, you can find deals near you on food and drinks, so you don’t have to sift through that mini bar, which only 13 percent surveyed said they use anyway.

Negotiate with your hotel

Consumer Reports contributing editor Bill McGee offers this advice for travelers in a USA Today column: Call your hotel when you’re booking and try to negotiate free add-ons like breakfast or discounted lunch. This may also work for eliminating pesky service charges like parking or pool use.

Buy local groceries

When you’re traveling the city on vacation, stop at a local grocer and stock up on food. You save money on hotel food prices, and you get to pick up your favorite fresh foods. Keep the food fresh in your room by asking for the front dsk to send up an extra bucket for ice. They can’t overcharge you for that.

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