You can get great and funny bargains from the dollar store. We want your best!

Before’s editor was married, he once hosted a date with a dinner purchased at a dollar store.

“I had a small can of potted meat, a box of crackers, two cans of generic soda, two tiny plastic bottles of fake champagne meant for kids, plastic silverware, and paper plates — all lit up by religious candles,” Michael Koretzky recalled.

It’s amazing Koretzky eventually got (and still is) married. But he insists it was an inside joke. “I don’t recall the details – this was maybe 20 years ago – but we were joking about crazy stuff you could buy at the dollar store.”

It’s still true that you can buy all kinds of crazy stuff — good crazy and bad crazy — at dollar stores. Especially if you only need a dollar-sized portion. But enough about our editor’s cheap dates: We want to hear about your purchases.

How to win $50

If you’ve bought crazier stuff, we want to hear about it. Name brand steals, gag items, funny knockoffs, or a combination of items that were just funny without context.

List your best dollar store purchase(s) in the comments below or on our Facebook page for your chance to win. We’ll give a $50 Amazon gift card to the one we like best. Deadline to submit is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 21.

Last week’s winner

Last week we asked for your best money-saving advice following the announcement of Royal Baby II. Our favorite tip came from Mary J., who wrote:

I have a family of five and I learned early on that if I wanted to save money, I needed to learn how to sew, & I also started gardening! We grow all of our own produce, and can & preserve a lot of it. This alone saves us around $100 a month on produce. I also sew most of my childrens’ clothing, which saves a ton especially around back to school. When they were young making my own cloth diapers saved more than we could imagine on diapers. It’s easy to save just by teaching yourself how to do things that you normally spend a ton on, and it feels great too!

Great advice, Mary — and now we’re going to save you another $50.

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