The Napa Valley quake caused an estimated $1 billion in damage. What's the worst you've been through?

Wine country got all shook up last weekend when California’s Napa Valley was struck by a 6.0-magnitude earthquake — the largest to hit the area in 25 years.

Nobody died, but hundreds were injured. And there was extensive property damage, including shattered wine bottles. The total economic loss is expected to top $1 billion, according to CNN. It could have been worse: The ’89 quake killed dozens and caused more than $6 billion in damage.

Even though she experienced a “violent awakening,” winery owner Sandy Taylor lost just one barrel of 2013 Chardonnay despite being near the epicenter of the earthquake. “The finished goods are in cases, boxed, palletized and shrink wrapped,” she told USA Today. “I think the shrink wrap was what kept them safe.”

Others lost more, but most wineries came out OK. Napa County Supervisor Bill Dodd told CBS News that 80 percent were unaffected by the quake.

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