If you or somebody you know has had a funny experience with debt or overspending, we want to hear it. Could be worth $100.

Being broke usually isn’t funny, as the U.S. Department of Education learned last month. But it can be.

For instance, ThisIsWhyImBroke.com features lots of ridiculous (and usually not cheap) products available online — from light-up nipple pasties to Instagram filter sunglasses. And comedy site Funny or Die just debuted a new show about debt called The Program. You can watch the first 5-minute episode below.

The show is about a fictional Debtors Anonymous group — very loosely modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous — full of people with unrealistic goals and unusual reasons for being there. The main character, Peace, has a Ph.D in medieval studies with $200,000 in student loans. She shares her dream to one day own a purebred llama ranch, but says she has a problem “with being willing to work.” (“Isn’t that just called laziness?” a skeptical newcomer asks.)

That gave us the idea of a debt stories contest. If you have a funny story about debt you’re willing to share, you could win $100. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post or our Facebook page for your chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Submissions close end of day Monday, July 28.

Last week’s winner

We asked for your craziest crowdfunding ideas that help nobody but you. Our favorite came from Florissant, Mo. resident Andrew Grass, who wrote:

Andrew Grass: Winner!
Andrew Grass

I’m thinking of starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund a home recording studio so that I can do voice over work from home. For years people have told me I’ve got a great voice (Golden Pipes is a common term used). I’m from the Midwest and don’t have an accent.

Congrats, Andrew! You just won $100 to spend on Amazon. It might not buy a studio, but maybe you can get a nice microphone to start.


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