polls Americans and learns what debts we regret most. polled more 1,200 Americans about their money-related New Year’s resolutions and year-round regrets. Here are the most telling stats. Read an analysis of those numbers here.

77 percent

Americans who made a New Year’s resolution this year. Then again, almost a third said it took them longer than a year to keep previous resolutions.

60 percent

Adults who, if they could accomplish one task this year, wanted to pay off their credit cards or student loans. Only 8 percent said, “lose 10 pounds.”

44 percent

Americans whose biggest financial regret of 2017 was running up their credit card balances. Meanwhile, 23 percent said they had no financial regrets at all.

26 percent

Americans who don’t make financial resolutions because “my finances are so bad, I can’t figure out where to start.” They dominate the 5 percent who say their finances are so perfect, they don’t need no stinkin’ resolutions.

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