If we like your idea (for its sheer absurdity, brilliance, or both) you could win $100.

Pools floating in rivers. Pi-shaped pie tins. Cardboard bicycles. Americans pledge money to all kinds of crazy online fundraisers.

But at least those are products that most people could actually enjoy. The latest trend seems to be asking the Internet: Give me a bunch of money to do stuff just for me!

Earlier this month, a guy in Ohio started a campaign with the highly ambitious goal of making potato salad. So far he’s raised $50,000, with two weeks to go. Hundreds of couples now use fundraising campaigns for wedding expenses.

We want to know: What idea would you crowdfund for purely personal gain? The more ridiculous, the better — but we’ll take your real hopes and dreams too. Leave a comment on this post or our Facebook page for your chance to win $100. Submissions close Monday, July 21.

Can’t hurt to try, right?

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Brandon Ballenger


Ballenger is a writer for Debt.com and its first political columnist.

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