You may have been ripped off, but we’ll reward you for your story.

The facts

Last week Kmart quietly revealed a data breach. Earlier this month, JP Morgan Chase experienced one that affected over 83 million customers.

Last month, it was Home Depot with a crack in security that affected 56 million debit and credit cards. Last year, it was Target whose customer data was compromised to the tune of 40 million cards.

It never ends, so it’s probably happened to you at least once.

The contest

Even if we can’t help you catch the thieves, we can provide a silver lining to those dark clouds. Tell us how your debit or credit card got jacked — and anything the thieves spent your money on.

The rules

It’s simple, just tell us your story and we’ll share it with all of our readers. Post it on our Facebook page or in the comments below. The deadline to enter is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 26.

The prize

$50 Amazon gift card.

Last week’s winner

We asked for your frugal DIY Halloween costumes. Our favorite came from C. Hayes in Post Falls, Idaho, who wrote…

Last year, me and my brothers were a trio of organs, a Heart, a Liver, and me, the Brains of the operation.

I made these costumes with my brothers and everyone loved them! We took recycled newspaper and just wadded them up into balls and taped them to the cardboard frame. Then we affixed the carboard to bicycle helmets, and found some see-though fabric which we dyed to match each organ and just tucked into what ever shirt they were wearing.

The fabric was all scrap fabrics and tablecloths from thrift stores, and we used some cheap fabric paint on the brain. We chose to wear cheap suits we were able to find at a thrift store, but any clothes options would be fine. Overall, the project only took a weekend to make and cost less than $15 for each costume. We didn’t have any experience, just lots of imagination imagination and determination. We got stopped all night by strangers wanting our pictures and to know how we made them.

You can see how they turned out below. Great job, Brain — we’re sure you’ll find a smart use for your gift card.
DIY Halloween costume

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