If you've earned money doing some bizarre job, share your experience.

The facts

People will do almost anything to earn a buck…

One of our writers was once paid $13 an hour just to “look busy.” The CEO of the company was coming to town and she was hired along with other folks to fill out the office and make it appear buzzing. So she got paid to busily update her Facebook.

The contest

That got us thinking about absurd jobs. We simply want to hear about your craziest job. Give us the dirty details — without getting too explicit if it happens to be in the X-rated category. Let us know how long you worked the job and what you got paid.

The rules

Post the strangest job that you earned money at on our Facebook page or in the comments section below. We’ll feature the best idea next week. The deadline to enter is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, November 23.

The prize

A $50 Amazon gift card.

Last week’s winner

Last week we asked for your best advice to quit smoking. The best response came from Craig F., who said…

This sounds weird, but I carried a water bottle with one of those pull tops around with me 24/7. Whenever I got the urge to have a smoke I would take a really long pull from the bottle which seemed to simulate taking a drag from a cigarette. It satisfied my cravings while also increasing my water consumption, win-win. Haven’t smoked since.

Great advice, Craig. We loved everyone’s tips, and hope they help other people quit.

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