Cord cutting, a surprising figure, money obsessions, under buying and more.

1. How to Decide if Cord Cutting is Right For You

Consumer Reports — Cord cutting is all the rage, especially for the frugal-minded consumer. James quotes a study that found “traditional pay-TV services lost almost 3.1 million subscribers in 2017.” But there are positives and negatives you should look at before making the decision.

On the positive side, there are many more streaming services today, such as Sling TV. And most are cheaper than traditional cable TV. On the negative side, you may need more than one service to meet your viewing demands. For a more comprehensive analysis, read his article.

2. The Surprising Figure That Can Torpedo Your Chances at Getting a Mortgage

The Simple Dollar — People talk a lot about their credit score when they’re mortgage shopping. But there’s another figure that you should consider, and it also impacts your credit score. It’s your debt-to-income ratio.

Holly says the concept behind this figure isn’t difficult — “Basically, it’s the amount of debt you have compared to your income.” Read her post and then use this free calculator to figure out your debt-to-income-ratio.

3. How Your Money Obsession Can Hurt You

Super Saving Tips — Obsessing over money can ruin your health. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a frugal person or one that takes on too much debt. Both sides have people that take things too extreme. Gary provides some examples.

He also provides five “money obsession symptoms.” He suffered from the first one: “You avoid the doctor so you don’t have to shell out the cash or if insured, the insurance co-pay.” That mistake cost him a hospital stay and some scary moments. Check out his post.

4. Overbuying vs. Underbuying

Financial Best Life — You’d think that underbuying would protect and conserve your finances better than overbuying. But Lauren has a different take,  she says “underbuying items that you technically ‘need’ is actually pretty unhealthy too.” It makes you feel poor.

In her case, when she owns enough of the essentials, she’s less prone to overbuying because she doesn’t feel needy.  This is an interesting read, check it out and tell how you feel about over- and underbuying.

5. Don’t Let Your Vacation Wreck Your Credit — Admit it, you’ve been on summer vacation and massively overspent on things you wouldn’t ordinarily splurge on. It’s easy — you’re in a good mood and basically carefree. But not this summer, not if Jeanne can help.

She provides seven tips that will keep you debt-free and also protect your identity. For example, set a budget before you leave on the trip and only use secure networks you’re logging in to check your bank account. And there’s more.

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