Here are 5 random dollar figures that, taken as a whole, show why we're a spend-crazy nation.

Recently, researchers and pollsters have revealed the following dollar figures…

$2 million

Taxes Colorado collected on the sale of recreational marijuana in January. That’s according to a pro-marijuana PR company called Verde Media Group, which crunched the numbers. Earlier in the month, it launched something called the Marijuana Pot-Cast. I got better things to do than listen to others talk about getting high, but if you want to listen, do it here.


Average cost of an American couple’s honeymoon. “When it comes to the priciest honeymoons, however, the numbers are far higher,” luxury travel site says, “reaching $11,905 domestically and $23,000 internationally.”


The average federal tax refund this year. That’s up 4.2 percent from last year. Capital One found that “Most Americans (80 percent) expect to get a refund and more than half of those (52 percent) plan to spend the majority of their refund.” Morons. They just lent Uncle Sam thousands of dollars interest-free.


What the average American spends on a wedding present. But “44 percent believe a smaller gift is appropriate at a destination wedding,” says a survey by travel website Expedia.


Average cost of a movie ticket in the first three months of 2014. “The average cost of a movie ticket fell 4.7 percent in the first quarter of 2014, to $7.96, compared to a hefty $8.35 in the prior quarter,” declares the National Association of Theater Owners.

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