How TV affects grades, what parents worry about, and how women's pay stacks up state by state.

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The amount of time kids can watch TV per day before their “grades, sleep, social skills, and emotional balance start to decline,” says an American Journal of Family Therapy new study. More than four hours in front of the screen makes kids take 20 times as long to fall asleep and far less likely to ace middle school math and English classes.

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The number of parents who worry about talking to their kids’ teachers, says nonprofit National Center for Families Learning. And 42 percent have more general anxiety about the back to school season. The reasons vary, ranging from costs to not understanding their children’s homework.

70 percent

The number of parents worried about school shootings, higher than the number worried their kids will experience a natural disaster (66 percent). The study comes from the 95-year-old charity Save the Children, which also shows most parents know nothing about emergency and evacuation plans at their kids’ schools.

13 percent

The number of women who think “real women” are represented in fashion ads, according to boutique fashion site ModCloth. Two-thirds of women say they never see women who look like them in ads, and a similar number said they would be more likely to buy from brands that use more diverse models. Nearly half said they purposely avoid brands that highlight “ultra-thin” figures.


The median salary for full-time working women in Alabama, according to The Institute for Women’s Policy Research. The advocacy group graded every state on that statistic, plus how men’s pay compares to women’s, the percentage of women in the labor force, and the percentage of women in managerial and professional occupations. Alabama and West Virginia were the only states to get an F, while Washington, D.C. was the only A.

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