From teens who hate social media to bankers who got pay cuts, it's been a good week.

2.3 billion

People around the world who will have Internet access by the end of the year. That’s almost a third of the 7.125 billion in the world. “Over 50 percent of the global population will have Internet access within three years’ time,” declares a new study from the ominous-sounding Broadband Commission’s State of Broadband report issued this week.


The average balance in 529 plans, which are run by states or educational institutions and allow parents to save more for their kids’ college. While not nearly a high enough average, it’s still encouraging in this era of low savings rates, says Ascensus College Savings, the nation’s largest administrator of 529s and the company that surveyed account owners.

84 percent

Business executives who “agree that corporations should have an obligation to provide retirement benefits to employees,” according to a new CNBC poll. What’s interesting is that “just 75 percent of the general population” agrees.

54 percent

Teens who “think life would be better without social media,” according to something called the Invisalign Teen Confidence Survey. Sadly the survey didn’t ask adults if they think life would be better without teenagers.

4.3 percent

How much  the “average base salaries for bank CEOs and presidents dropped” this year, according to a public accounting firm called Crowe Horwath. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of mostly guys.

1.35 percent

Online gamers who “spent real money” in July on their mobile games, according to a study by mobile marketing firm Swrve. “Purchases over $50 made up only 1 percent of all purchases but contributed more than 11 percent of revenue.” In other words, the few idiots willing to spend $50 in one month on mobile phone games are supporting an entire industry.

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