Polls from this week with results that just don't add up.

96 percent

Americans who use coupons, according to a survey from shopping site RetailMeNot.com. No way we’re such a frugal nation. But when you learn that 4 percent of Americans are millionaires, maybe they’re the only ones not clipping.

90 percent

American adults who say they would “forgo watching their favorite TV show so their loved ones can enjoy their favorite program,” according to a survey from healthcare firm WellPoint. Also, 88 percent have no problem “handing over the last piece of dessert.” Yeah, right.

75 percent

American workers who believe the “right job is out there, waiting to be found,” according to survey by jobs site Simply Hired. Yet only 13 percent are “actively looking for something better,” while 50 percent “casually look to see what is out there from time to time.”

70 percent

Millennials who believe it’s “realistic” that they’ll find “their ideal job” by the time they turn 30, according to a survey by jobs site Indeed.com. Also, 68 percent expect to be happily married by the same age. Good luck with that.

62 percent

Baby boomers (ages 48-66) who say “technology is an important consideration when shopping for a new car,” according to a survey by AutoTrader. That’s not so shocking, but this is: Only 61 percent of millennials feel the same way. Sure, they say they care about gas mileage, but they need Bluetooth.

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