Do these stats prove our nation is falling apart?


“The annual cost of traffic for each American household,” according to the Center for Economics and Business Research. “This cost is expected to rise approximately 33 percent to $2,300 in 2030.”

81 percent

Americans who say “they frequently or occasionally see others leave a public restroom without washing their hands,” according to the annual Healthy Hand Washing survey. Last year, only 74 reported such unsanitary behavior.

75 percent

Americans who can’t afford to travel internationally, even though 60 percent say it’s their top “lifetime bucket list item,” according to a survey by Norwegian Air International, a European airline that must be depressed by these results.

60 percent

Employees who show up to work with the flu because they “feel they can’t take a sick day,” according to a Staples survey. Sadly, “36 percent say that their personal productivity is less than 50 percent of their usual level when they show up with the flu.”

40 percent

Baby boomers who “have thought about” how they’ll pay for healthcare after they retire “but haven’t looked into it in detail,” according to an Ameriprise survey. “Unfortunately, 15 percent of respondents haven’t begun to consider how they will cover health care costs in retirement.”

29 percent

American travelers who recline their airline seat without asking or even checking if anyone is sitting behind them. The survey by Go Airport Express says just 18 percent “always recline,” but of that group, 21 percent “always recline all the way.”

26 percent

Adults who are 25 years and older and don’t think they’ll have enough money to live to 75. The same study by Northwestern Mutual shows 32 percent expect to be broke by 85. The average life expectancy in this country is nearly 78.74 years.

11 percent

Americans who have worked in a convenience store at some point in their lives, according to NACS, the trade association for those stores. Convenience stores currently employ 2.2 million people, NACS says.

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