New studies scientifically prove men are stupid.

definition of wealthy


How much money most men need to “feel wealthy,” according to Yodelee, a financial software company. Women need only $200,000.

confident about retirement

56 percent

Women who “feel confident that they have saved enough for retirement,” according to TIAA-CREF. Men? That number soars to 63 percent. Since it’s fairly common knowledge that precious few American have saved enough for retirement,  more women than men are at least realistic about their golden years sucking.

small business accounting

47 percent

Women who “believe the advice of an accountant is important” when starting their own small business, according to a Bank of the West survey. That compares to just 35 percent of men. Also: 29 percent of business-starting women “believe the advice of a financial adviser is important” and 28 percent “believe the advice of an attorney is important.” Men? Just 21 percent for both categories — proving that men never listen, even when their own money is at stake.

engaged at work

41 percent

Female bosses who “are engaged at work,” according to a Gallup poll of working men and women. For male bosses, it was 35 percent. Concluded Gallup: “In fact, female managers of every working-age generation are more engaged than their male counterparts, regardless of whether they have children in their household.”

women taking stuff

13 percent

Women “who have come across an unattended bag of newly purchased items and say they took the bag and kept it,” according to Toluna QuickSurveys. The number almost doubled for the other gender: “24 percent of men did the same.”

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