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pizza for breakfast

80 percent

Americans who “eat their leftover pizza for breakfast,” according to pizza chain zpizza. It adds: “When asking men and women about their favorite topping choices, the majority of men chose pepperoni (41 percent) while women named bacon at their top choice (9 percent).”

justin bieber

34 percent

Americans who think Justin Bieber was “the least desirable neighbor of 2014,” according to real estate site Zillow — which claims Bieber’s numbers are “the most worst-neighbor votes in the survey’s eight-year history.” Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were a distant second at 22 percent.

crying at work

14 percent

Adult women who have “used their workplace bathroom to take a break to cry,” according to SCA, a company that sells workplace bathroom products. For men, it’s only 6 percent. And get this: More than one in 10 Americans prefer using the work bathroom to the one at home.

mile high club

4 percent

American adults who say they’ve joined “the mile-high club” by having sex on an airplane, according to travel rewards company Switchfly. “The research shows men are three times as likely as women to have had sex on an aircraft,” the survey says.

The most likely location is a commercial jet’s restroom, so it’s not surprising that most adults don’t want to join this club, citing “bathrooms are too small” (25 percent) and “lavatories are too gross” (25 percent). Another 15 percent “confessed they do not know what the mile high club is.”

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