This week: Not a lot of holiday cheer.

35.8 million

“Men, women and children around the world are today trapped in modern slavery,” according to the 2014 Global Slavery Index. Of those, 60,100 live in the United States. That works out to nearly 20 slaves in every county.


“Injuries requiring medical attention from car crashes during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend,” according to the National Safety Council. In other words, you were almost as likely to be hurt last weekend as you are to be a slave.


“More than half of Americans (58 percent) said they’d fork over a whopping $2,725 on average for an extra hour in the day,” according to ZICO Beverages. What would they do with that hour? The survey didn’t ask. Probably watch TV, though.

24 minutes

On average, how long it takes American adults to fall asleep each night, according to National Geographic. That’s a shame, because, “73 percent of the nation currently logs less than eight hours of sleep each night.”

8 percent

Americans who “say they recycle all recyclables,” according to Keep America Beautiful.

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