This week: That's gross.

90 percent

Parents who “ranked the kitchen drawer knob as the germiest surface” in their home, according to a Clorox poll. Turns out that’s the least germy place. Clorox also sent in germ researchers who concluded, ‘The bathroom sinks harbored the most germs of all surfaces tested.”

85 percent

Pet owners who believe “a kiss beneath the mistletoe is OK for pets, too,” according to pet care service VetIQ. In this same disgusting survey, 26 percent made this New Year’s resolution for their pets: “Get rid of bad breath.”

18 percent

Americans who said “the most commonly found type of holiday stain” in their home was “vomit.” The poll of more than 2,000 adults was conducted by Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, which added this chunky nugget: “People in the Midwest are more likely to have encountered vomit stains (23 percent) than those in the Northeast (15 percent) and West (14 percent).”

25 percent

Men who “would prefer a week without a shower” than a week without their cellphone, according to computer memory supplier Crucial. The survey also found, “84 percent of men admitted to having checked a mobile device while driving, in a movie theater, at a funeral or during a child’s play/recital.”

10 percent

Americans who, in preparation for holiday parties they hosted in their homes, admitted to “sweeping debris under rugs.” That number shocked Hoover, the vacuum-cleaner company that conducted the poll. Also distressful to Hoover’s sales: 14 percent also admitted to “moving furniture to hide stains.”

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