Women's lip expenses and dinnerware angst. Plus: lying mothers and cars for dogs.

$1.4 billion

How much American women will spend on their lips this year, which is up 9 percent from last year. A study by retail research firm Mintel says 87 percent of women buy products for their lips, from lip balm to lipstick to lip gloss. By the way, women spend much more on their eyes — $3.4 billion.

63 percent

Male employees who “admit to having looked at pornography at least one time while at work in the past 3 months,” according to a poll commissioned by Proven Men Ministries, which fights pornography. PMM also says 36 percent of female employees admit to doing the same. Interestingly, more men who identified as Christian watched porn at work — 64 percent.

55 percent

Shoppers on AutoTrader.com who own a dog and say “they actively seek out cars and trucks that can accommodate them.” AutoTrader has determined, through unrevealed math, that the Subaru Outback is best for “comfort and convenience features that make a road trip more enjoyable for human and dog passengers.”

29 percent

Talk about a poll in search of a problem: This is the percentage of adults who “estimate they could only entertain up to four guests with their current dinnerware.” Commissioned by china maker Corelle, the poll also revealed 46 percent of parents say “their dinnerware is older than their firstborn child.”

25 percent

Mothers who have “lied to their children in order to avoid purchasing a back-to-school item that was on their kids’ wish lists.” A shopping site called Shoebuy.com says a third of moms it polled “prefer to do their kids’ back-to-school shopping online so they can spend more time enjoying the sun and sand.”

9 percent

American who don’t “test the water temperature of their shower or bath before getting in,” according to faucet-maker Delta. This has nothing to do with anything, but it’s amusing nonetheless.

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