Don't blow your budget this holiday season buying the same old stuff.

Every holiday season features many of the same gifts: the latest in toys, fashion, and electronics. Those items aren’t cheap, and some of them are obsolete the following year.

This year, buy something unusual and save some money. Check out these eccentric gifts uncovered…

Heavy Breathing Cat is a great weird gift


1. Heavy Breathing Cat

If you know a cat lover that can’t stand the kitty litter odors, this guy is for them. For $15, they’ll have company while they’re eating or watching their favorite TV show. They can even bring this feline to the office. It’ll definitely catch their co-workers attention. It’s a bit creepy, but kinda cool, too.

Rub Away Bar is a cheap present for cooks

2. Rub Away Bar

Odors such as garlic, fish and onion rarely wash away with soap. For a mere $7, this bar eliminates those odors. It’s the perfect gift for friends or family members that cook. As far as we can tell by customer comments, the bar lasts a long time and works like a charm.

R2D2 cooler is a cheap weird gift

3. Star Wars R2 D2 Can Cooler

Star Wars fans will love this little device. At around $7, they’ll keep their beverage cold and their hands won’t feel a thing. And now that the new Star Wars movies are set for a December 18 release, this is the perfect gift. It’s also an officially licensed Star Wars product. But we’re not sure if that really matters.

cheap solar charger gift

4. Rugged Solar Panel Charger

Do you know anyone that’s constantly forgetting their phone charger? Or someone who’s always complaining about a low battery on their phone? For approximately $24, you can save them some aggravation. It’s rain resistant, shock-proof and can charge their phone up to 60 percent.

gift for music lovers

5. Ear Bud Holder

Ear buds are nearly as ubiquitous as cell phones. And they’re easily misplaced — until now. Surprise someone with this genuine leather, handmade ear bud holder for around $20. They can clip it on their key ring, hand bag or even a belt loop. They’ll finally stop wasting money on ear buds.

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