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1. 7 Ways to Save Money at Home

Debt Discipline — Brian opens this post with a question: “Who wouldn’t want to have a little more money at the end of every month?” Indeed. Most people who live paycheck-to-paycheck would love some extra money, and Brian provides some great ideas.

Although the first idea isn’t new, it certainly helps people save money: Cut the cable. He says with online streaming and other options, cutting the cable has become a trend. I still use cable but lowered my monthly fee by only purchasing the basics. Check out his other ideas.

2. Saving Money Over Your Car’s Lifetime

One Smart Dollar — Buying a car could be the second largest sum you spend — owning a home takes first place. And besides being a terrible investment, they also break down at the most inopportune times. You can save money on a car by using Sean’s advice.

I like his fourth tip: “Future-proof your vehicle.” He believes “that alternative fuel vehicles are only going to become more commonplace in the future.” So, why not purchase one now while tax incentives and some subsidies still exist. I like saving money on gas just like the next person.

3. Add the Sexy Back to Your Money at Any Stage of Finances

Frugal Confessions — Amanda asks: Does your money repulse you, or make you swoon? Interesting question. She says, if it repulses you then you won’t deal with it correctly. Take your wallet or purse for example. Is it cluttered and an overall mess?

If you answered yes, Amanda recommends cleaning it up. She says, “It’s important that you feel positive each time you access your money. She provides four other sexy tips. Check out how you can “Infuse Glam into Your Account Names.” Then read about how solar is sexy.

4. How to Handle Financial Fears

His & Her Money — Talaat and Tai say financial fears make people stress. For example, some stress about retirement and others about their children’s safety. The fear not only debilitates them physically, it also seemingly prevents them from making “any progress economically.”

They provide a couple tips to help us calm our nerves. The first tip makes sense: “Acknowledge your fears.” As you face them, you must also “face your current financial situation.” If you’re losing sleep over money issues, read this post.

5. Why Personal Finance Is Personal, and Why it Matters That You Know

Ready to be Rich — Everyone’s personal finance situation is different — even if only slightly. Fitz says, “what works for me when it comes to saving money may not work for others.” It all depends on what we want out of life and how we spend our time doing it.

He believes when we set personal goals, such as retirement saving, travel or paying off credit card debt, that dictates what’s right for our situation. Just make sure you set goals. Check this post out.

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