Treadmills, payday loans and giving up a year of your life.

Alternatives to payday loans:

1. 14 Reasons Why Treadmills Are For Suckers

Len Penzo dot Com — Len obviously hates treadmills. I think they have their place for people who hate gyms and don’t want to walk or run outside. He admits they are “convenient” but then lists his reasons.

They include the price of a treadmill, maintenance costs, and the beating they put on your joints compared to an elliptical. Of course running outside puts a beating on your joints too.

2. More Money, More Problems: The 10 Challenges of the Wealthy

Luke 1428 — As Brian’s net worth increases he’s realized other money matters have started to trouble him. He says, “It got me thinking of money issues of the wealthy.” Brian hasn’t experienced all of these but some do frighten him — fear of losing the money tops his list. He follows with the issue of “wanting more” or greed. He also covers the interesting topic of family and friends wanting you to share the wealth. Most of us would probably welcome these problems.

3. Need Emergency Cash? 5 Better Alternatives to Payday Loans

Frugality Magazine — Richard is not located in the U.S., so all his alternatives may not work for us. But just thinking about other methods of borrowing money before diving into a payday loan is a good thing.

He says peer to peer (P2P) lending is an upcoming option. These loans have agreeable terms and fixed rates. He has a couple other good ideas too.

4. 5 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

Penny Thots — Jon opens up with “I hate paying auto insurance.” So does everyone, but Jon has good reason. After 20 years of driving he’s only used his insurance twice but has paid out $16,000. He thinks canceling is too risky, so he provides some tips to lower it.

My two favorite things he talks about are considering where you live — some places are more expensive than others. The second is getting rid of your collision coverage. I’ve been thinking about that.

5. Would You Give One Year Of Your Life For One Million Dollars?

Figuring Money Out — This twenty-something blogger would do it. She says that one year would automatically be taken off your life and you’d get the money right away. I can understand a younger person agreeing to those terms.

Not so much for me at my age. But the money would definitely help. How about you? Would you give up a year of your life?

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