Save on everyday items, pay off debt faster, discuss finances, and increase your credit score.

1. How to Save Up to 90 Percent on 9 Everyday Items

Money Talks News — If saving money makes you smile, Maryalene says you can save more by concentrating on the “mundane purchases we make everyday.” Her first item is pets. Why buy a purebred dog for $500 or more when you can adopt a faithful mutt? This goes for adopting birds, cats and even guinea pigs. It’s just cheaper — and you may be saving a life.

Another great savings idea is buying eyeglasses online. She’s found quality eyeglasses for as cheap as $6. If you need reading glasses, just hit the nearest dollar store and you’ll be fine.

2. 5 Things We’ve Done to Pay Our Debt Off Faster

Plunged In Debt — Catherine and her husband are just six weeks away from paying off a $25,000 debt. They planned on paying it off by 2017. Their hard work beat that deadline by two years. How did they do it? The first thing they did was make more money. She and her husband asked for raises and received them. If you want a raise check out these four ways to negotiate a higher salary.

They also started creating meal plans. In the past, they bought with no plan in mind, spending roughly $800 a month. With the meal plans in place they now spend $550. And the meals are healthy.

3. How Often Should Couples Discuss Finances?

Young Adult Money — This is an important topic, considering financial issues often cause nasty arguments and sometimes divorce. confronted this issue in our post: Money is why your marriage will fail. It’s not the most cheery subject, but it’s reality.

Kristi found a study that revealed 68 percent of people surveyed were not keen on talking about money with their fiancée. That’s ridiculous. She reveals 15 things to discuss, why absolute honesty is required in these discussions and more. It’s an interesting read.

4. 11 Credit Myths (and Some Tricks I’ve Used to Increase My Score)

Budgets are Sexy — J. Money uses a recent Experian report on credit myths. The second one is: “Checking your report will hurt your score.” It depends. If it’s a credit inquiry regarding a credit application for a new loan or credit card, then your score might fall. But your score won’t fall if you’re just checking it out on your own.

His tricks to increase your score are interesting, but they may not work for everyone. The first one is not really a trick: He started paying his bills on time. That’s common sense. But his methods for building up his wife’s score are thought-provoking. Here are 5 credit score killers you should absolutely avoid.

5. The Hidden Costs of Bad Credit

fivecentnickel — It’s unbelievable how much our credit report/score impacts our lives. A very good score provides financial opportunities. A bad score ties our hands. Richard says it also costs us money. For one thing, bad credit means you’ll pay higher rates on loans and credit cards.

He reveals more hidden costs but also provides “4 habits that will keep your credit clean.” For example, “never borrow without a repayment plan.” Great advice. Many people will buy big ticket items without thinking about the future payments. If you have bad credit, check out our Education Center’s piece on credit correction services.

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