Guaranteed jobs, money that saves itself, and the best banks around. Welcome to easy street.

1. Put Your Money On Autopilot

Money Under 30 — Screw budgets, David Weliver says. What you need is a system that does the saving for you, because we are weak and foolish spenders. He explains how to do it, starting with building up an emergency fund from the top of your paycheck.

2. Should I Invest in a 401(k), Roth IRA or Both?

Daily Worth — Leah Manderson takes a look at the difference between two common places to invest for retirement and explains why the best strategy may not be to max out one and then the other, but to toggle between them.

3. The Top 6 Best Rated Banks Of 2014 – Is Yours On The List?

Christian Personal Finance — You’ve never heard of the banks on this list, and that’s the point. This site purposely avoided the big names on J.D. Power’s newest list of highest rated banks, and singled out the handful that rated “among the best” for every single criteria. Not surprisingly, they’re all regional — but one of them probably serves your area.

4. How I Make Money Online

Budgets Are $exy — Ever wonder how to make a living writing in your pajamas all day? J. Money lays his cards on the table, which might give you some ideas. But he doesn’t say that it’ll be easy.

5. 6 Colleges That Guarantee Jobs With Their Degrees

Money Talks News — If you’re going to take on student loan debt to earn a degree, it’d be nice to know you’ll be able to start paying it back when lenders come knocking six months after graduation. Amazingly, Maryalene LaPonsie found half a dozen schools that will guarantee you work — of course, with some strings attached. You may not have heard of them, but if you live nearby they could be worth a look.

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