Make more money, worry less, bring your own lunch, cut your food budget and find love with a great credit score.

1. The Complete Guide to Making More Money

The Broke and Beautiful Life — Rich or poor, people everywhere want more money. But it’s difficult — otherwise everyone would be prospering. So Stefanie created this comprehensive guide. One thing you can do is ask for more money. She advises you on the proper way to negotiate a raise.

She also suggests “finding the right employer.” If that means leaving your current job, then so be it. When you start fresh, you can ask for a larger salary — rather than the “traditional two or three percent raise” your current employer would probably offer. Also, find your hidden talents and exploit them.

2. Avoid Becoming Small Minded About Money with These 7 Lessons

Money Ahoy — If money stresses you out, Derek says these seven lessons will help you worry less. The second lesson is “live within your means.” A person who doesn’t do that can make millions a year and still be in debt. Simplify your lifestyle and live richer and less stressed.

His sixth lesson is valuable. It basically says don’t let outside appearances fool you and make you depressed. Just because someone is driving a Mercedes doesn’t mean they’re not burdened by debt. Like he says, the average American household carries over $15,ooo in credit card debt.

3. How Much Can You Save by Bringing Your Own Lunch Food to Work?

Money Crashers — Let’s face it, eating out with co-workers is fun. It also breaks up the day’s monotony. But it’s expensive. Maurie makes that abundantly clear in this blog. She not only breaks down the money she saves by bringing her lunch, she also breaks down savings on morning coffee and breakfast foods.

I’ll let you discover the money she saved. I’ll focus on another topic she discusses: “The downside of bringing lunches.” You could end up working through lunch if you eat at your desk. Avoid that situation by using the tips she offers. You deserve a lunch break, so take it and save money.

4. The One Thing You Can Do That Will Cut Your Food Budget in Half

Money Ning — Like Connie says, we spend an awful lot on food. The funny thing is, most people don’t think about cutting that expense beyond limiting their restaurant visits. But even cooking at home can get expensive, especially if you don’t plan. That’s the trick: meal planning.

She’s say’s it’s not that time consuming and once you get in a rhythm it becomes second nature. But there are a few elements that make up meal planning. One is the actual grocery shopping. Her advice is, bring a list and “shop with a purpose.” If you don’t, you’ll end up shopping impulsively. Check out these additional grocery saving tips.

5. Relationship Woes? Your Credit Score Is Likely Lousy, Too

Money Talks News — If you’re a bad money manager, there’s a good chance you’re not very good at managing a relationship either. That’s what a new report from the U.S. Federal Reserve states. Karla says the report found that “credit scores are indicative of trustworthiness in general.”

People who have better than average credit scores will most likely experience successful relationships. Those couples with credit scores that contrast probably won’t experience the same success. The lesson here is, if you want a lasting relationship, repair your credit score.

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