Avoid holiday spending hangovers, save more money, slay your financial fears and cut your budget in half.

1. 9 Ways to Avoid a Holiday Spending Hangover

Color Me Frugal — The holiday season is upon us with Halloween nearly here. And don’t kid yourself, people overspend on Halloween just like other holidays. Debt.com reported last year that consumers spent around $7.4 billion on Halloween stuff. So let’s start discussing money-saving solutions.

Dee says it’s all about “planning ahead.” One way you can do that is preparing a list. Write down the people you’ll be buying gifts for. The list should also include an approximate amount you can afford to spend on each person. Another great tip is saving your receipts so you can track your expenses.

2. 5 Frugal Ways to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Frugal Rules —  Cat gets frustrated around the holidays. She believes the marketing/media craze that accompanies the holidays creates a spending frenzy. She’s right. And what really makes her crazy is all the people that buy new holiday decorations every year. What’s wrong with using the old decorations again?

You can also use things that are in the house year-round. For example, a white sheet becomes a ghost. Another great idea she provides is, “double up the holidays.” Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations use the same fall colors. Just use pumpkins and colorful leaves. For Halloween, use these additional money saving tips on making your own zombie costume.

3. 7 Money Saving Tips for the Upcoming Holidays

Money Mini Blog — Let’s keep rolling out the money saving tips. Kalen has a couple tips that you can use daily: “Cut down on everyday expenses” and “Kiss bad habits good-bye.” Everyday expenses could include morning coffee money and electricity bills. Bad habits include money spent on smoking or sugary drinks such as soda or energy drinks.

He provides other valuable tips. But in order for them to work, you must exercise self-control and discipline. No one said saving money would be easy. You can also decrease your spending by controlling your lifestyle inflation.

4. 5 Simple Steps to Slay Your Financial Fears

Money Talks News — Scary movie tributes populate the TV during this season. Freddie and Jason wreak havoc. But the scariest thing in many people’s lives is their financial condition. People literally lose sleep and stress out over it. Stop those nightmares with Marilyn’s five easy steps.

The first step is enlightening. All you do is “take a test.” Don’t worry, you won’t be graded. These tests just help you find out your risk tolerance, which in turn reveals “your best investment style.” Your style could be a risk taker or maybe you’re more conservative. While you’re at it, invest some time joining the new sweepstakes event sponsored by Debt.com.

5. 10 Painless Ways to Cut Your Budget in Half

Savvy with Saving — Budgets usually get busted during the holidays. But you might prevent that from happening this year with this bloggers help.  The third tip is something we spoke about in the past: Preparing meal plans. Meal planning only takes a half hour at tops. You can do it while your watching TV.

Another method I like is: “Avoid unnecessary fees.” Paying fees for using the wrong ATM machine is a killer. Debt.com reported last year how ATM fees were rising to all-time highs and doing financial damage. You can easily avoid those fees by using in-network machines the bank offers.

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