Buy a fake diamond, don’t assume the worst and whip out a coupon on a first date.

 1. Diamonds – Nothing But a Brilliant Illusion

Free 2 Pursue  Not according to this blogger. She thinks America’s obsession with diamonds is the result of a marketing campaign that started in 1938. “The campaign made heavy use of new marketing vehicles, such as TV and motion pictures. Everybody who was a somebody in Hollywood was sporting some bling.” The slogan from that campaign is still used to this day:  “Diamonds are forever.” What type of bling does she wear? “A flawless cubic zirconia.” And it saved her from spending $6,000 on a flawed diamond.

2. Is Assuming the Worst Keeping You From Saving Money?

The Broke and Beautiful Life  Writing about money is hard. “You will be murdered.” That’s one comment from a reader after Stefanie suggested riding your bike to work instead of driving. When she recommended going to a beauty school for a free haircut: “You will not be able to get a job or boyfriend as you will repel people.” And this response to canceling your gym membership and taking advantage of the great outdoors: “Outdoor exercise will increase your risk of being mugged or raped.” People take their money advice personally.

3. Is It Wrong to Use a Coupon on the First Date?

Phroogal — Turn on or turn off? Valencia says, “The way I see it, if you enjoy your date’s company, and if he or she’s a genuinely nice person, why does it matter if a coupon was used to pay for the first date?” You may disagree, but this writer loves to save money, and when a man shows enough confidence to break out a coupon on the first date, “this means that the guy knows how to budget and save — and most importantly, it proves he has a financial mind of his own, and he doesn’t let others dictate how he spends his cash.”

4. Shutting Out the Personal Finance Cacophony

Listen Money Matters – Tired of all the advice the media is spoonfeeding you? Candice is tired of it, too. So what does she advise when it comes to improving your finances? “Block out the noise and find what you need to tackle your finances once and for all.” Of course, that’s difficult if you aren’t listening. But she does have a point. Maybe it’s time to ignore the hyperbole and get to the root of your financial issues and find a medium you can relate to. She found what worked for her. She’s “a big fan of podcasts.” After she discovered one on personal finances that clicked, she was off and running. Good advice.

5. 12 Surprising things You Should Keep in Your Fridge

Wisebread  Same old stuff: eggs, milk, craft beer, candles, batteries, and nail polish. Wait, that’s not right. Sure it is, according to Paul, who found some cool ways to preserve the life of a few products by refrigerating them. Extend the life of taper candles by putting them in the fridge and wrapping “them in something that will stop them absorbing moisture, such as zip-lock bags, foil, or cling wrap.” He even suggests stashing a few bowls or plates in there because “when it comes time for a helping of ice cream, the cold bowl stops it from melting as quickly.”

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