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1. Three Investments with an Instant Guaranteed Return

Mr. Money Mustache — This blog entry is not entirely about money. Mr. Money Mustache is teaching us that focusing on a few “F-words” can help you achieve a better life — without purchasing material things. He lives by these three words: Focus, Festivity and Flow. Learn how he incorporates fire, music, a disco ball and creation into his everyday life.

Then learn about the three core things that help him achieve happiness and success. He also explains how these core objectives keep his spending at a minimum, his wealth growing, his debt low and his happiness level high.

2. 11 Easy Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Money Talks News — Increasing your productivity can make you more valuable at work. Hopefully that means more money in your pocket. But it can also mean more personal time that you can spend with friends and family.

Ari found 11 ways we can make improve our work and personal lives. The second one is: “Exercise and take breaks.” Taking breaks sounds like wasting time, but in reality, taking a quiet moment helps eliminate stress. Exercise keeps you in top shape so you’re prepared for the days rigors. Check out the others.

 3. 5 Ideas for Encouraging Your Kids to Save

Len Penzo dot  Com — We’ve discussed this topic before. covers how to teach kids about money and how not to make them financial failures. It’s definitely an important topic. After all, if you don’t teach your kids about saving and the dangers that debt brings, no one will.

Len provides five valuable ideas. The first one is creative and fun for kids: “Give them a magic money jar.” It’s for younger kids. But it shows them how money adds up. You let them save change in a clear jar and when that change adds up to dollars, you replace the change with $2 bills (or $1 bills) while they’re at school. It’s like magic.

4. How Advertisers Part You and Your Money

Prairie Eco-Thrifter — Advertisements are geared toward making us spend. Howard Dvorkin, Chairman of has a whole section on this subject in his book Power Up. He says: “From the moment we wake to the moment we rest our heads on a pillow, we are barraged by advertising.”

Advertisers employ specialized techniques that alert the spending mechanisms in us. One technique is “sense of urgency.” They use “limited time offers”, which make us feel like we could miss the greatest sale ever. So we buy.What we should do is step back and ask ourselves if we can really afford the purchase.

5. 10 Ways Millennials Are Able to Save Money

The Simple Dollar — Ilona admits that Millennials are in a tough financial spot. They have immense student loan debt, many live in cities (which are more expensive), and they’re “making less money than in previous decades.” So she came up with 10 ways Millennials can combat their financial woes.

The fourth way is: “Let the little things add up.” What she means is, cut back on the smaller stuff such as buying coffee, water use or  the cable bill. As you continue cutting back on these things, the savings add up. It’s a cool concept. If you’re a Millennial and using a credit card, check out this post on maximizing cash-back rewards.

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