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1. Ways to Ruin Your Credit

Dinks Finance — It can be pretty simple to ruin your credit. Some know they’re doing it (at least I hope they do), when they pay their bills late, or don’t pay them at all. But other things that ruin your credit are less obvious. Jason mentions two things that may surprise some people.

The first is spending up to your credit limit, which is a terrible idea. If you do that, you’re carrying too much debt, which lowers your credit score. The second is “closing a lot of credit cards at once.” This reduces your available credit, which can also reduce your score. Here are a few more common mistakes that can destroy your credit score.

2. How to Pay Your Student Loan Bill When You Can’t Afford It

Stefanie O’Connell — If you’re a recent grad struggling with student loan debt, Stefanie has some sage advice. And it’s not “crossing your fingers and waiting for lawmakers to” bail you out or come up with a “relief plan.” Her first suggestion is contacting your lender. When you do this, don’t be combative. Rather, do what she says and “be up front and honest.”

Lenders want their money, and if you show them that you have every intention of paying down the debt, they may work with you. If you have federal loans, you can also investigate the various payment options offered by the government. These include the income-based repayment plan and the pay-as-you-earn plan, among others.

3. 10 Ways to Drastically Cut Your Budget and Household Expenses

Making Sense of Cents — If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, this post can help give you some financial breathing space. Two ways most people can cut their budget down is by reducing their monthly cable and cell phone bills.

Another interesting way is “have fun for free.” Forget about expensive lunches or movies. Pack a lunch and check out a local park. Michelle says one couple she knows spends $500 a month just for entertainment purposes. That’s crazy. Here are a few more money saving tips you can use.

4. 11 Great Pieces of Money Advice from Mom

Money Talks News — Mother’s Day is this weekend, so Maryalene “hit the streets” and found “the top financial lessons people learned from their mothers.” The first one is classic mom — “spend less than you make.” It makes sense. If you spend more than you make, debt is the consequence.

The ninth bit of advice is, “never pay full price.” Stores hold sales every week. Just practice patience and wait. You’ll probably find whatever you need on sale sooner or later. If your mother gave you great financial advice, don’t hold out on us, share it.

 5. The Future You are Saving For Does Not Exist

Money After Graduation — Bridget’s title sounds a bit apocalyptic, but don’t worry. She’s just saying that we can’t predict the future but we can financially prepare ourselves — even if we don’t know what the future holds. For example, a college education may become obsolete. It simply costs too much and many graduates aren’t finding jobs that make paying off their student loans possible.

So if you have kids, you could always steer them in a different direction. She thinks more entrepreneurs will thrive in the future. People who create their own jobs and niches will become the norm, rather than those who earn bachelor’s degrees. This is an interesting post, give it a read.

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