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1. Should I Choose Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Money Talks News — For too long, the competition in online streaming could be summed up as, “Netflix or nothing.” But then Amazon Prime got the rights to stream old HBO shows. So what’s your best, frugalest bet? Here’s one woman’s tale.

2. What to Do If Your Tenant Breaks the Lease

PT Money — Earlier this week, told you the 8 big renting myths landlords and tenants believe, which was written from a tenant’s perspective. This is an interesting look from the other side. What happens when the tenants are the jerks, instead of the landlord?

3. What’s an Emphyteutic Lease? (And Why You May Want to Avoid One)

Len Penzo — So Len and his wife (he affectionately calls her “Honeybee”) are watching House Hunters, and this weird term comes up. Turns out it could affect your lifem and you don’t even know about it. We won’t spoil it for you, other than to say: If you get involved in one, it can last 99 years.

4. Does Consumption Smoothing Really Work?

The Simple Dollar — Here’s another buzz term you should know: Consumption  smoothing. Essentially, it’s “the idea that people generally prefer to consume a consistent amount over the course of their lives.” The ramifications are fascinating, and it can help you manage your money better.

5. Life After Divorce – Advice on How to Cope With Divorce and Move On

Money Crashers — There’s no shortage of advice online for saving money in a bitter or even amicable divorce. But this is a comprehensive guide to surviving everything from a loss of income to “transitional relationships.”

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