Top thrifting tips, telling Spenderella to go to hell, financial mistakes grads should avoid and crazy money quotes.

1. Top Thrifting Tips

The Broke and Beautiful Life — With more media appearances on the horizon, Stephanie says that she needs different clothes. The problem is, she doesn’t budget for clothes — except for “the occasional restock of workout wear…” So the bloggers Two Cheap Blondes join her in this blog about thrifting, or finding “stylish, high-end clothing” at thrift stores.

I don’t wear stylish, high-end clothing, so I’ll let them lead the way. I do find the first tip, Use Current Trends to Shop for “Old” Clothes, interesting though. I’m guessing it works for men, too.

2. 50 Cool Ways to Make Money that You Should Consider!

The Shop My Closet Project — A few months ago we provided a weird list for making money that included selling your poop. Michelle’s list is not that revolting. Some of the cools ways include: Jury duty focus group, social media tutor and errand runner.

She also included a link to The Penny Hoarder and their list of 32 Legitimate Ways to Make Money from Home. Between the two of them you should find some new-cash earning prospects.

3. Tell Spenderella to Go to Hell, Casting the Spell to Rid Yourself of Her

Budget Bloggess — Michelle admits she’s a shopaholic. And I agree with her about how serious the addiction can be. People ruin their lives over various addictions. It’s taken her more than two years “to conquer a life of spending recklessly.” Now she emerges victorious and ready to pass on her wisdom.

Her first tip: Pay attention to your emotions. That’s a great point because people tend to spend when they’re depressed and when they’re happy. Read and learn from a survivor.

4. 3 Financial Mistakes New Grads Should Look Out For

When Life Gives You Lemons Add Vodka — Considering it’s graduation time, Kayla provides a succinct list of financial mistakes she made after graduation. And here’s an important comment by her: She was “smart” about budgeting and money during school, but once she graduated, it all came apart.

The main reason this occurs is because once grads get new jobs they suddenly have money. And one of the mistakes she made, and warns new grads about is, spending your paycheck before you even get it.

5. More Crazy Money Quotes

Squirrelers — This blogger wrote a post a few years back about the crazy things people say about money. Now he updates it with more recent money quotes he’s heard. Number four on the list is: “I’ll be paying for it (new SUV) for another 6 years.”

The person saying this took out a six year loan, too. That means six years of interest and, probably, high monthly payments. What’s cool is the blogger gives a “better approach” after each quote. The better approach for this quote is avoiding long-term loans and vehicles you can’t afford.

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