Forget Target coupons, enjoy the free things in life, avoid the mall when you're lonely and stay on top of your debt.

1. Forget Coupons: These Hacks Will Help You Get Cash Back At Target

The Penny Hoarder — Kyle obsesses about Target. Seems like millions of other shoppers do too. But maybe they don’t have the savings secrets that Kyle kindly shares with us.  The two I like are using the Target debit card and shopping online. These tips will help you get cash back at Target.

The debit card doesn’t harm your credit history and you receive 5 percent cash back on each purchase. In some cases, as Kyle points out, you could “save an extra $614/year” on groceries. If you sign up for a free account with Ebates, you’ll get 2.5 percent cash back at Target online, too. Tack on an additional 5 percent when you use the debit card, for a 7.5 percent total cash back.

2. 6 Simple Things to Enjoy in Life

Frugal Rules — As the song goes, the best things in life are free. That tune was featured in Mad Men and Erin features that sentiment in this blog, but with a twist — these are simple and free. And she definitely believes we should all step back from the madness and enjoy them.

The two I practice are listening to music and “cooking and eating.” Great music transports you. It puts you inside the music’s sounds, textures and beat. Cooking, at least for me, focuses your thoughts on the task at hand, making certain the recipe comes out delicious. Eating good food is simply fun, and it’s cheaper than eating out too.

3. Congregation Without Consumption

Frugaling — This is an interesting blog. Sam says that when he was lonely he’d seek company in crowded places, such as the mall or maybe a restaurant. There was a problem though: Those places where people congregate encourage spending.

His solution: Cook at home with the family, play board games, just get connected with people in places where spending money is not inevitable. Avoid, for  example, a mall’s food court. Between the smells and smiling faces, the temptation is too much.


4. What are Your Kids Learning from You About Money

Six Figures Under —  Mark from BareBudgetGuy wrote this post. He became acutely aware of his obsession with finances one night when  his son was saying his prayers. The boy said, “Please bless my dad that he can make more money.” At first he was thrilled but then embarrassed.

He didn’t want his kids thinking they were broke because dad talked a lot about money. So he talks about money in a different way. He lists five things. My favorite is “teaching them the difference between not having money and choosing not to spend money.” He now explains that he may have the money to buy something, but he also has a budget and chooses not to spend.

5. 10 Super Simple Ways to Stay on Top of Your Debt & be Financially Free

Dear Debt — Melanie created this list and there are some very helpful ideas on it beyond the typical “create a budget” tip. One is to take advantage of free resources online. Thanks Melanie — you made it easy to promote There are also some great apps available, too.

She promotes “shopping around” for the best deals on credit cards, banks, etc. She’s right. Don’t accept the first or second option. Do some serious research and think about short-term and long-term consequences of banking with a certain bank or using a certain credit card.

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