Retire poor, save money, costly acquired needs, conjuring up big savings and more.

1. 7 Reasons That You Could Retire Poor

Money Talks News — Maryalene starts this post off with stats from a recent survey that reveal “61 percent of responders” don’t believe they’ll have enough money for a comfortable retirement. She then warns that if you commit these financial mistakes, you’re almost guaranteeing an unpleasant experience during your “golden years.”

Most reasons are obvious, like not saving enough money. But the third reason is interesting, and one that could spur a debate: “Your savings priorities are all wrong.” In other words, don’t sacrifice your retirement savings for your child’s college education. took that thought further with this post: Forget Your Kids’ College, Save for Retirement.

2. 31 Experts Weigh in on Ways to Save Money

Blonde & Balanced — Personal finance bloggers, like the people we quote here, provide some interesting advice in this blog. Jim from Wallet Hacks says “negotiate everything.” Cate from Cashville Skyline recommends automating your savings, something we’ve discussed before.

Todd from Financial Mentor sums things up nicely: “you must value freedom more than lifestyle.” Do you want more “stuff” or life experiences? Howard Dvorkin, chairman of, also provides expert advice on a weekly basis.


3. The Cheap Ticket into the Elite Class

Mr. Money Mustache — The Mustached One believes “a top-shelf education is incredibly invaluable” but that education is not the one that forces graduates into massive student loan debt. This education is inexpensive and you do it the Mustache-Man’s way. And that’s by becoming a “computer badass.”

He says you should “immerse” yourself into technology and give your kids “access to complicated stuff early, and often.” That’s how he learned about technology. As a result, he earned millions without spending a ton on college tuition. And now he’s providing an educational outline for his kids called “Mustachean Elite Education (for children and even adults).” Check it out and increase your value.

4. Could Acquired Needs Theory Save You Money?

The Dollar Stretcher — This is an interesting post. Lynn says the acquired needs theory applies when “people are convinced that some convenience, product or service is a necessity when it actually isn’t.” It’s really the wants versus needs argument.

For example, many people believe cable TV and smart phones are needs. That’s because they’ve become the norm, but we could easily do without them. Lynn reviews other scenarios that involve required needs and the small sacrifices people took to eliminate them and save money. Do you have a required need you could give up?

5. Conjure Up Big Savings Without Sacrificing Your Quality of Life

Monevator — This blogger believes you can live a fulfilling life and practice frugal habits. But you must find what you value the most. If it’s big screen TV’s, bling and shopping sprees, then you’re simply not a saver. But if you don’t mind sacrificing certain lifestyle expenses you’ll increase your savings.

There’s a section in this blog entitled, “Happiness replacement therapy.” It has a few good suggestions for replacing expensive habits or “ritual behaviors” with cheaper alternatives. Read this post, start saving and maybe one day you’ll retire rich and remember the moment when you changed your financial lifestyle.

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