Lower your student loan payment, organize your finances, make saving money fun and teach your kids money values.

1. How to Lower Your Student Loan Payments

Indebted and in Debt — Student loan debt impacts millions of students. Debt.com recently reported on 5 mistakes students make with college loans and weird ways to pay them off. Kirstan also offers some advice on lowering your student loan payments. One is consolidating the loans into one monthly payment. If nothing else, she says it will make life easier — paying one loan a month is better than paying several.

She offers some other tips as well, like “before moving federal loans to a private company” keep in mind that you’ll be “forfeiting loan forgiveness options.” She recently made that move and is saving $80 a month, but she’s comfortable with it. Give her post a read and decide what options fit your financial situation.

2. How to Organize Your Finances Like a Responsible Adult

Shoeaholic No More — This is great advice. Think about it: We’re all trying to save money and pay off our bills efficiently, but if we’re not organized, that feat is nearly impossible. Kayla offers four recommendations you can implement almost immediately.

The two I like are buying a filing cabinet and scheduling time for organizing your paperwork. A filing cabinet is a must. There’s just too much paperwork involved in finances. Scheduling time is something many people don’t do. The number one excuse is, they don’t have enough time. Kayla tells you how to make time.


3. How to Make Saving Money Fun

My Alternate Life — Jordann has a problem: Paying off debt inspires her (she paid off $38, 000), but saving money doesn’t. It’s tedious. There’s no excitement involved, especially because her savings goals are so far off — like retirement. So she created some fun ways that will motivate and encourage her along the way.

The one I like and use when saving for certain things is “more small deposits.” Those little deposits add up and it’s fun watching your account grow. She loved making small payments on her debt. Now it’s in reverse — instead of lowering debt, she’s growing her savings.

4. 5 Ways to Make Extra Money This Summer

 WiseDollar — These ideas can be used by adults, college students, and younger kids. This blogger says summer is the best time because costs increase during the summer (kids are out of school and additional activities cost money) and things like gas prices usually rise. Also, more opportunities present themselves.

One opportunity is “pick up seasonal employment.” Look for places that attract tourists, and chances are the businesses that depend on those tourist dollars need some additional assistance.

5. Teaching Kids Your Family Money Values

The Heavy Purse — Shannon is concerned about the relationship between kids and money — and how parents establish that relationship. Debt.com also confronts the subject by advocating having “the talk”  with your kids about money.

Shannon discusses the dangers of always saying “no” to your kids when they “want” something you can’t afford. She says don’t say “no” and drop the subject, because that won’t teach your kids money lessons. It’s just shutting your kids out. Instead, explain “why” you’re saying no. It’s an interesting read and a lesson more parents should heed.

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