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1. Paying Off Debts — Before or After Saving?

Couple Money — Here’s the dilemma for many people — if you are diligently and effectively paying off debts, you won’t have any money left to save. And if you don’t have a little nest egg for emergency situations, you take on more debt once one occurs.

Yes, it’s a problem. But Elle says you can do both at once. After all, there really is no concrete amount you should save each month. You save what you can, and pay off your debts. She provides good advice and points out that “personal finance is personal.” So dealing with this dilemma is different for everyone.

2. 25 Ways to Get Your Finances Back on Track this Summer

Frugal Rules — As summer approaches, many people start worrying about their appearance. You know, your swimsuit body. John has other thoughts. He wants us concentrating on our finances. One awesome idea is: “Cut one bill.” I finally cut my cable bill in half last week and it feels great.

Another great idea is: “Go without something for one month.” Don’t choose something you need, choose a luxury item, like morning coffee, craft beer or a planned shopping trip. John breaks down the savings into five parts so you’ll receive a well-rounded savings plan. Here are some additional tips regarding money management.

3. You Haven’t Truly Budgeted Until You’ve Looked at This

Money Ning — Will says everyone budgets for groceries, car payments and other things that are considered normal. But there’s  one thing most people leave out — cost of living. He believes more people should move where opportunity awaits and the cost of living is relatively low, which can help you budget more effectively.

He talks about “why cost of living matters” and brings up an example, comparing California with Nevada. For an even more in-depth look at cost of living comparisons between cities across America, check out this interactive map provided by

4. 5 Careless, Costly Summer Travel Mistakes

Money Talks News — Summer travel plans are almost a given for many families. We go through great lengths planning them out. We find the best hotel deals, travel arrangements and entertainment values. But sometimes, during our enthusiasm and excitement we get careless — and it costs us money.

The first travel mistake is: “Forgetting to keep track of your mail.” When thieves spot an overloaded mailbox, they know you’re away. This is an invitation for a break in. It’s also an identity theft hazard. Here are a few more tips on guarding against identity theft when your traveling.

5. How to Save Money: 75 Super Easy and Practical Money Saving Tips

Good Financial Sense — Jeff breaks this list down into four categories: Food, Transportation, Housing and Healthcare. Under food, I really like: “Cherry pick the grocery deals.” He says, get the grocery store circular and plan your meals according to the sales that week.

Under transportation, I thought shopping online for gas was interesting. Use sites such as and find the cheapest prices. That’s better than driving around the town looking for the lowest prices. Check out this post on saving money by cutting coupons. It may surprise you.

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