Lower your bills, grow your savings and pay down debt.

1. The 5-Step Negotiation Process I Use To Lower My Monthly Bills By 25%

Riskology — Tyler starts this blog with the theory that “everything is negotiable.” And he tested his theory with two friends on large companies like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon. All three of them were successful with their negotiations.

Out of the five step process, my two favorite pieces of advice are “speak in a friendly-assertive voice no matter what happens” and only negotiate with someone who has the power to do so. Makes sense. Don’t waste your time with a person who can’t help. Check out his other advice.

2. How to Grow Your Savings

The Write Budget — Use these ideas to build an emergency fund or, if you have aspirations, to save for another goal. Lauren also recommends negotiating your monthly bills like Tyler and putting that money in savings. Another good idea is making savings a budgeting category. That way expanding your savings will become a monthly priority.

3. 5 Fresh Ways to Stay Motivated While Paying Down Debt

L Bee and the Money Tree — Paying off debt for long periods of time is tough. It weighs on your mind and body. Lauren understands this because she experienced the grind. She used a visual board to keep herself motivated. I’m guessing you can place things on there that inspire you or make you happy.

I also like “incorporating other challenges” like exercising or eating healthier. They can work together and keep you focused on your goals. It may also stop you from just fixating on debt.

4. Feeling Stuck and Unmotivated When It Comes To Your Finances? 

Making Sense of Cents — Keeping with the motivation theme, Michelle also gives out some beneficial advice. She wants you to get rid of all negative feelings and find inspiration. Maybe the visual board idea can help. She says reading books and blogs about getting out of debt is useful.

It’s useful for more than one reason. Once you start reading blogs you’ll realize you’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with debt every day.

5. Why Coffee Drinkers Are Wasting More Than Just Money at Starbucks

Len Penzo dot Com — Len believes the specialty coffee drinks at Starbucks, such as the venti Caramel Macchiato that costs $5, are a waste of money. He’s not focused on the couple-times-a-month coffee drinker. He’s talking about the everyday java drinker.

He provides an estimate of the amount of money spent by some people who buy on a daily basis. But it’s not just money they’re wasting: He also talks about the time it takes to get the coffee. The results are surprising. For another viewpoint check out this blog by Bridget at Money After Graduation.

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