A vending machine for cars, sense of entitlement and your waistline.

1. Use these free websites to monitor your credit for free

Debt Blag — We’ve covered this topic in the past, but because of its importance here’s another reminder. Mario offers free options to monitor your credit all year long. What makes this more helpful is that you can review all three reports, from Experian, Equifax and Transunion.

He helps you set up a schedule and suggests using Mint for keeping track of your finances. Another option is PowerWallet. These days, many banks also let you get your credit score for free.

2. My Carvana Review: The Online Vending Machine For Buying Used Cars

Luke 1428 — Carvana is an entirely online buying experience. Brian says, “There are no dealerships. No physical showrooms. No salesmen. No negotiations.” That may appeal to those looking to save money and hassle on a used car.

He goes through the process of buying a car with Carvana and provides answers to the many questions you may have. And if you’re wondering about the prices compared to other methods of buying a car — “they are able to sell their cars at a cheaper price…typically $1,500 -$2,000 cheaper” because they got rid of all the dealer overhead. Pretty nice, but don’t expect rock-bottom prices — none of these cars are more than five years old.

3. Here’s Why You’re Broke: A Sense of Entitlement

Club Thrifty — Rather than insult people about their sense of entitlement, Greg provides a sensible blog on how to rid yourself of it. His seven examples are spot on.

He then gives five tips on how to break the entitlement problem. My favorite tip is “learn to say no.” It’s something we all struggle with, especially when we want something badly — but don’t need it. The comments section is also interesting.

4. 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was in Debt

Disease Called Debt — This is not an American blog. But debt happens everywhere, and this blogger makes some great points. The first thing may be comforting to those struggling with debt — “We weren’t alone.” As they say, most people don’t discuss debt so you feel isolated, but you’re not.

There are other informative points to review, such as their thoughts on debt management programs, how dreaming of winning the lottery is not realistic, and what type of rights you have when in debt.

5. Ten Great Ways to Slash Your Fitness Costs as well as Your Waistline

Penny Thots — It’s always good to cut costs and have fun doing it. Skint City says skip the expensive gym membership, especially since many people stop using the gym after a few months. Adopt a few of these 10 exercise methods instead.

My favorites include “Walk the Walk, “Take the Stairs and “Cycle.” I have a bum ankle so running is out, but walking is just as good. And cycling is a blast — just watch out for the cars. There are some cool exercise apps you can use for free, too.

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